What makes SparcPay the top AP automation software

September 19, 2022

Over the past several decades, our lives—and businesses—have become increasingly digitized. This has led to us all juggling a patchwork of apps and services to manage our tasks and complete them on time. After fumbling through using the many tools available ourselves, we—the team at SparcPay with decades of FinTech experience—knew that we could create the top accounts payable automation software for small businesses.

A true end-to-end experience

top ap automation software

When businesses pay vendors through traditional means, there are numerous opportunities for the process to bottleneck or break down. From the first moment an invoice is delivered to you, to processing the payment, and until the money finds its way into your vendor’s account, there are many things that can go wrong. But not with SparcPay. 

Through configurable automated workflows, once you receive an invoice, SparcPay’s AI-powered bill capture will leverage the chart of accounts and suppliers list to code the invoice for review and acceptance. This process turns a traditionally manual task that takes a few minutes into one that is completed in seconds.

Then, an approval workflow begins, seeking digital review and payment approvals from your team, reaching them anywhere in the world, on their device of choice. 

Once the workflow is complete, electronic payment can be sent with a single click. No need to manually fill out a cheque, no need to touch a piece of paper, no need to track payments through a banking system, and no more data entry errors. This is an accounts payable solution that runs entirely within one app, and with minimal human input.

Flexible per-transaction pricing

Getting started with SparcPay is the clear choice when selecting your company’s accounts payable solution. With no setup fee, no recurring charges, and only a per-transaction fee, your accounting costs scale with your business. Whether you’re just getting started or expanding across multiple locations, we know that every dollar counts for small businesses. 

Unlike other services with fixed monthly minimum costs, when you’re in slower times of your growth, you’ll actually be spending less with SparcPay. Why pay more than you have to? We want to see you succeed, and we will be there to support you every step of the way.

Range of accounting integrations and industries served

You’ve already dedicated time, money, and effort into setting up your accounting software. SparcPay has a wide range of integrations to leverage the work you’ve already put into your cloud accounting package. SparcPay makes managing your payables simple, whether you’re using QuickBooks Online (or Intuit’s legacy QuickBooks desktop software), Xero, or a long list of Property Management packages. your workflows can be fully integrated, offering you an accurate and up-to-date overview of your business at all times. We help you avoid costly data duplication, while ensuring complete fidelity across data sources. We have many satisfied customers from a wide variety of industries including corporate, accounting firms, hospitality, grocery stores, nonprofits, property management, construction, just to name a few.

A plug and play application

The challenge with implementing new applications is often the initial setup, which can be time consuming and require the involvement of many stakeholders. This can result in weeks if not months until a business can get up and running. SparcPay has managed to deliver new clients a fast and simple onboarding experience that typically takes less than half an hour. Once a business is set up on SparcPay, additional users can be invited to assume a designated role (or roles). A few minutes of individual setup and minimal training is all that is required for these new users to take on the digital equivalent of their existing role in the AP process. 

High vendor engagement

With an uptake of over 90%, notably higher than the industry average, there’s no denying that vendors see how SparcPay will benefit them. Leveraging electronic payments by EFT in Canada, and ACH in the US, vendors prefer the quick and frictionless paperless payments that SparcPay enables. Vendors can easily and securely register as payees within the SparcPay network, so that they can receive digital payments from any of the thousands of businesses that use SparcPay to pay their bills.

SparcPay delivers the top accounts payable automation software available and meets the needs of your businesses – no matter the size. Reach out to our highly-trained team who will be thrilled to help get you set up and start taking back your time. With no setup fees and seamless automated integrations, we couldn’t be more confident that we will add value to your business.