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Bills are digitally captured and analyzed using AI technology


Review & approve bills anytime, anywhere, from any device


One click digital payments make your process paperless

The Benefits of SparcPay

Check out the many benefits to using SparcPay to automate and simplify your entire accounts payable process

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About SparcPay

SparcPay digitally transforms the expensive and labor-intensive old-school approach to processing, approving and paying invoices. Stay focused on what really matters… running your business.

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Who We Serve

Property Management


You can count on SparcPay to seamlessly integrate with your accounting software, such as:


“With the SparcPay solution we spend less time in data entry, filing, and paper handling, while maintaining a secure approval process that provides the ability to do detailed review without the paper. We are saving at least 50% in time spent processing payments.”

– CFO, AMJ Campbell

“We tried other services, first P…o and then W…P…, but payments were slow and unpredictable. Worse, when errors occurred they were not resolved quickly, sometimes being resolved in double payments being made just to keep up with suppliers. With SparcPay our payments have been fast and accurate. We’ve had no payment errors, and when we have questions their response is prompt.”

– Chief Operating Officer, RCATSONE

“Skate Oakville was the first club in Canada to use Sparcpay to replace paper cheques, and it has helped us save time and money. It’s convenient for the board members to approve payments using the app, and our coaches appreciate being paid directly via direct deposit.”

– Sue McCracken, President, Skate Oakville

“Previously, when I was travelling, cheques may have been waiting for my signature, causing delays and potentially supplier frustration. Now I can quickly approve payments from my cell phone – even when I am out of the country. SparcPay is a great solution for the church. It’s convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. At a personal level, it’s a revolution in terms of time, efficiency, and reliability!”

– Dave Toycen, Board Member – Trinity Church Streetsville

“I was skeptical at first, having tried other solutions that were error-prone and caused problems. Now that we have worked with SparcPay I must say we have found it to be a solid platform that is error-free. SparcPay is now top of mind for clients that want to make electronic payments.”

– Raj Vallabh, Positive Accounting

“SparcPay has streamlined the AP process with a great user interface and customer experience. This app is simple enough to have busy board members/directors easily perform online approvals.”

– CPA, Leading BC based Cloud Accounting Firm

“When we launched SparcPay one of the advantages was the protection of managers and board members. By minimizing the paper flowing between management, board members, and suppliers we could work both faster and safer. SparcPay is proving to be a reliable and efficient replacement for cheques. The investment in the new process is paying off.”

– Dean McCabe, President, Meritus Group Management INC.

“We want our client’s experience to reflect the very best in convenience and financial control. SparcPay is saving us time and money, while providing a whole new level of customer experience.”

– Nicholas Chirametli RCM, President, City Sites Property Management

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