Paying your suppliers
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Eliminate cheques and manual payments

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Instant approvals on your phone

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Save Time & Reduce Payments Costs

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The Smarter Way To Pay

Streamline Your Payments

Payments and approvals can be time consuming, expensive, and labour intensive. SparcPay allows your business to expedite the payments processes with an easy approval and payment experience. Let SparcPay handle your payments so you can focus on what really matters.

Say goodbye to cheques and manual payments

No more cheques, e-transfers, manual payments, and paperwork. With SparcPay, pay all your vendors with a click of a button.

Quick approvals and bill payments

SparcPay allows you to digitally approve payments in seconds. Using our mobile-friendly platform, you can approve and pay bills from your office, on the go, or even from the beach

Save time and reduce costs

SparcPay connects with your preferred accounting system to pull outstanding bills and invoices, and reconciles them once paid. This eliminates paperwork and reduces time spent on administrative tasks. Paying with SparcPay is less expensive than cutting a cheque. See our pricing.

SparcPay's Features

"SparcPay delivers the next level in customer experience. It's an innovation in financial management that provides the very best in convenience and control."

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