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Solutions for Property Management

Provide your condominium clients with an exceptional user experience that delivers transparency and financial control. With SparcPay, property managers can save time on invoice and check processing and focus on more important matters such as customer service.


Quick and Easy Board Approvals Anytime, Anywhere, from Any Device

Replace Paper Checks with Secure Electronic Payments

Complete Visibility with a Full Audit Trail for All Invoices – Who Did What and When

Configurable and Customizable Workflow for Every Building

Fully Integrated with Popular Property Management Accounting Software


“When we launched SparcPay one of the advantages was the protection of managers and board members. By minimizing the paper flowing between management, board members, and suppliers we could work both faster and safer. SparcPay is proving to be a reliable and efficient replacement for cheques. The investment in the new process is paying off.”

– Dean McCabe, President, Meritus Group Management INC. 

Certified Partners

SparcPay Certified Partners are accountants and bookkeepers who are experienced in utilizing SparcPay for their clients. They are well versed in successfully implementing SparcPay by managing the onboarding process, providing user training and assisting with client support. If you are seeking an accountant or bookkeeper that specializes in Property Management, we recommend that you contact one of our Certified Partners. 

Kondo Bookkeeper

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Traway Condominium Accounting

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Accountants Hive

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Waldram Accounting

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