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Minimize friction between your business operations and accounting processes using SparcPay’s end-to-end digital solution. While working remotely or travelling for business, you can review, approve and pay invoices anytime, anywhere and from any device. By eliminating paperwork, data entry and reconciliation, SparcPay enhances productivity and allows your team to focus on tasks that matter.


Eliminate Paperwork and Data Entry

Virtual Approvals Anytime, Anywhere

Secure Electronic Payments

Seamless Integration with
Accounting Software

Scalable Solution


“With the SparcPay solution we spend less time in data entry, filing, and paper handling, while maintaining a secure approval process that provides the ability to do detailed review without the paper. We are saving at least 50% in time spent processing payments.

– CFO, AMJ Campbell

Certified Partners

SparcPay Certified Partners are accountants and bookkeepers who are experienced in utilizing SparcPay for their clients. They are well versed in successfully implementing SparcPay by managing the onboarding process, providing user training and assisting with client support. If you are seeking an accountant or bookkeeper for your corporation, we recommend that you contact one of our Certified Partners. 

Positive Accounting

Positive Accounting

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