Vendor Services Order

It’s free to register as a Sparcblock vendor and receive direct deposit for SparcPay payments from our clients.

Please do not this form unless you are already registered – you can confirm with this link.

For both fraud prevention and Anti-Money Laundering compliance reasons we have verification tasks and data entry work to complete any time a vendor’s information is entered or changed. We do the initial registration for free, but charge a nominal fee for subsequent changes. Note that this fee does not even cover our costs – we are not charging it to make money but merely to ensure that the vendor takes some responsibility for providing correct information.

Due to the time required for compliance checks, please allow 4 business days for changes to be registered. After the changes are made, allow another 4 business days for any payments in flight to be completed. 

This form allows you to order a change from SparcPay and pay by credit card. If you are not 100% satisfied with the service provided a refund will be issued. If however, you simply submitted this form in error a refund will not be issued. 

Please note that you can avoid the charge to change the remittance advice destination by redirecting the designated email address within your organization either with an alias or a forwarding rule.