SparcPay’s Seamless Integration with QuickBooks Desktop

June 8, 2022

Intuit is making a big push to transition QuickBooks users from desktop versions to the cloud-based QuickBooks Online. However, many accountants are loyal to QuickBooks Desktop – aka QBD – Intuit’s locally installed legacy accounting software. To ensure that QuickBooks Desktop users can take advantage of SparcPay’s cloud-based accounts payable automation application, SparcPay released a seamless integration with QBD in May 2022. Accountants who love QBD’s traditional accounting interface, robust features and advanced reporting can now leverage all that the SparcPay app has to offer as well.

How SparcPay’s end-to-end platform works with QBD

Here’s a brief step-by-step review of how the SparcPay accounts payables process works with QBD:

  1. The process all starts with invoice capture. SparcPay AI technology extracts the data from invoices and sets it up for coding. Right away this eliminates the need to receive a paper invoice, remove it from the envelope, or if it comes by email, print it out, and then encode it in QBD. SparcPay does this for you and eliminates manual entry.
  2. Once invoices are captured you can review them anywhere, any time—on any device. This is a particularly pleasant prospect with summer coming on. What could be more smugly satisfying than sitting at the table on the deck of your cottage with a cup of Joe in hand—and being productive by reviewing invoices?
  3. Once invoices are approved, they post as payable in QBD.
  4. With one touch of your computer, tablet or smartphone you can pay your bills.
  5. In QBD invoices are immediately marked as paid. Job done.

Early adopters of SparcPay’s integration with QBD

Accounting firms, property management companies and non-profits are among the first organizations to adopt SparcPay for QBD by adding the app to their respective tech stacks. Reports are overwhelmingly positive. Here’s why.

  • Property management companies love the invoice capture function that eliminates paperwork and data entry. Not having to run around from building to building with stacks of invoices to approve and cheques to sign is a big time and cost saver.
  • Non-profits like the easy virtual approvals, which eliminate the need to chase after board members to complete this task. In addition, they appreciate the secure electronic payments that significantly reduce the risk of fraud and the full audit trail of every payment that shows who did what and when. Full transparency.
  • Accountants are extremely enthusiastic about the integration because it gives them an added-value service to offer their own clients. Together, SparcPay and QBD provide a customizable workflow for each client, all of whom have distinctive requirements. On top of this, SparcPay helps accountants earn more revenue and scale up their business because the app makes their operations much more efficient. They get more work done with the same number of staffers. With SparcPay you can literally run an entire accounts payable process, from receiving a bill, getting it approved and paying it without touching a single piece of paper or your accounting software.


If you are a QuickBooks Desktop user seeking liberation from accounts payable processes that are decidedly old school, please click here to learn more. We’d be thrilled to help you make the leap, which, truth be told, isn’t much of a leap at all…