SparcPay For Accountants & Bookkeepers – The Efficient Accounts Payable Process

May 10, 2022

SparcPay for accountants and bookkeepers is a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t these professionals want an integrated, secure, digital solution that:

  • Allows for complete review and approval of bills via web and mobile from anywhere.
  • Eliminates paper from the entire accounts payable process.
  • Makes all accounting processes paperless.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Presents scale-up opportunities.

No-brainer indeed. An efficient accounts payable process.

SparcPay’s mission is to eliminate friction in business operations and accounting processes—and thereby bolster the bottom line of our clients. With numerous accountants and bookkeepers we’ve done just that.

Conventional accounts payable practices

Cheques are a mainstay of many conventional AP practices, but most accountants and bookkeepers would agree that manually preparing and signing them is both time-consuming and annoying. They are also common targets for fraud as forging cheques is a time-honoured tradition. And despite being made of paper, cheques occasionally bounce, which creates a myriad of time-consuming, energy-sucking costly problems to deal with, such as bank and interest charges. Furthermore, cheques are often slow getting delivered—and sometimes don’t get delivered at all. Hearing the phrase, “Cheque’s in the mail,” is not necessarily comforting to the recipient . . . On top of that, cheques are not integrated with the accounting system, so dual data entry and reconciliation is required. Cheques are such a source of friction that it’s a wonder that they don’t just spontaneously combust. But fear not, cheques are so clunky they’ll likely soon fade from the accounting and bookkeeping landscape.

E-transfers are another common means of processing accounts payable in B2B environments and they too present problems. Submitting an e-transfer requires manual processing and the subsequent recording of the transaction in the accounting system. And because the transfer is to an email address, it is not secure because the email could conceivably be intercepted. Furthermore, the remittance requires that an additional email be sent to the vendor/supplier explaining the amount of the deposit and reason for it. e-transfers are also subject to daily limits and amount limits.

Accountants using SparcPay

“I was skeptical at first, having tried other solutions that were error-prone and caused problems. Now that we have worked with SparcPay I must say we have found it to be a solid platform that is error-free. SparcPay is now top of mind for clients that want to make electronic payments.”
Raj Vallabh, Positive Accounting

“SparcPay has streamlined the AP process with a great user interface and customer experience. This app is simple enough to have busy board members/directors easily perform online approvals.”
CPA, Leading BC-based Cloud accounting firm

SparcPay can help accounting and bookkeeping firms scale-up

SparcPay often hears from accountants and bookkeepers using our app that it enables them to earn more revenue and scale their business because it helps them operate much more efficiently. With SparcPay you can literally run an entire accounts payable process, from receiving a bill, getting it approved and paying it without touching a single piece of paper or your accounting software. This is liberating for accountants and bookkeepers and puts them in a position to seek out new clients and scale-up their operations—without taking up too much of their time and requiring them to hire more people. On top of that, they can go to a potential new client and say, “I have this app that we’re using that can make your entire accounts payable process paperless—and you don’t even need to touch your accounting software. And the app’s dead easy to start using.” That’s a compelling sales pitch that can generate new business for accountants and bookkeepers motivated to grow.


SparcPay wants to help all accountants and bookkeepers be as efficient as possible. If you are in either of those fields, we’d be more than pleased to show you how our app could transform your business and bring an efficient accounts payable process. To learn more, please click here.