SparcPay’s Payment Processing for Restaurants

August 16, 2022

Processes related to running a restaurant have become increasingly digitized over the past decade – and both restaurants and staff have benefited greatly from these new technologies. From point-of-sale and front-of-house systems that run on iPads, to online reservation systems, a restaurateur’s arsenal has been widely expanded. Unfortunately, this advancement in technological tools hasn’t quite reached the back-of-house.

This means that crucial processes occurring behind the scenes, such as cash flow management and tracking your restaurant’s accounts payable, are still done manually. Local suppliers are often reluctant to accept credit cards as it’s too expensive, and without other options, cheques remain the most viable solution.

POS systems are great for reservations, seating, orders and collecting payments, but most lack the functionality to handle back-end processes such as receiving and paying bills. Because of this, archaic and inefficient processes have remained the status quo.

Considering the technological advancements across industries, and even within the restaurant business, it’s hard to fathom that there simply has not been a better alternative. Thanks to SparcPay’s payment processing for restaurants, this is no longer the case.

Payment Processing for Restaurants

​​Automate your restaurant’s payment processing

SparcPay offers a practical solution that fills these back-end process gaps and enables a restaurant to go fully digital. With SparcPay, supplier invoices are captured and coded automatically using AI technology. They then go through your virtual approval workflow, and payments are completed electronically. It’s that simple. SparcPay even syncs with accounting software like QuickBooks Online and others for a true end-to-end experience.

This is exactly the kind of tool that the team behind hospitality group The Other Bird, based in Hamilton, Ontario, needed. They were searching for a way to reduce time spent on the necessary-yet-tedious tasks that were not revenue generating. These included data entry in QuickBooks, printing and handling paper cheques to pay multiple vendors (not to mention the frustratingly long clearing times for cheques), and managing cash flow across multiple restaurants.

Let AI complete your restaurant’s accounts payable tasks

With SparcPay’s AI-powered system, all of this functionality is packaged into a mobile-friendly system, allowing restaurateurs like The Other Bird hospitality group to easily track data and manage processes in real-time – and on the go. This is particularly important for restaurant owners like them, who have multiple locations.

SparcPay’s integration with QuickBooks saves them time spent on data entry and reconciliation. Electronic payments ensure accuracy with better cash flow insight and management. Full transparency of approvals and payments provides comfort in knowing who did what and when. Faster payments mean happier suppliers. Oh, and no more cheques!

SparcPay’s payment processing solution for restaurants

With a lack of restaurant payment software options engineered to specifically service restaurateurs, it’s no wonder that, historically, so much of their time has been spent working in the restaurant, when it could be better spent working on the restaurant. That ends here. Let SparcPay’s completely paperless restaurant payment processing solution drastically improve your workflow, while greatly reducing your workload. Get back to doing what you do best, and leave the rest to us.

To learn more about how we can help take those menial tasks off your hands while also facilitating a seamless relationship with your suppliers, simply reach out through our website.