Paperless Payables Are A Game Changer For Malvern Condominium Management

September 22, 2020

Malvern Condominium Property Management implemented SparcPay to save time, and provided their clients with an exceptional user experience with more transparency and financial control. SparcPay met all of their expectations, and also enabled them to do more work remotely, keeping their team members and clients safer in light of COVID-19 precautions. SparcPay is a web-based digital solution that replaces paper bills and cheques with a paperless process that is far more efficient and secure.

“I love it” says Malvern President Bill Thompson. “SparcPay saves the time that we used to spend carrying around cheques, and chasing down paperwork. Now all the bills and payments are paperless, and it’s easy to look up the status at anytime. There are no longer any lost cheques or missing invoices misplaced during processing. It’s also more convenient for condominium directors as they can review and approve bills from anywhere using a computer or mobile phone. I have been looking for a solution to digitize payables for years – and now we have it. It’s a game changer. Now our Managers can spend the time that they saved from invoice and cheque processing on the really important matters, like customer service and quality control for our clients.”