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Introducing SparcPay

SparcPay is an integrated, secure, digital solution that allows complete review and approval of bills via web and mobile from anywhere.

Current State of Payments

Time-consuming: Preparing and signing paper cheques manually is time-consuming, and frankly an annoyance!

Lack Of Security: Cheques are the most common target for fraud. Approximately $5 billion is lost annually due to fraud in North America. Additionally, paper records are the least secure and most at risk of forgery.

No Tracking And Reconciliation: Most payment options are cumbersome and not integrated with the accounting system, so dual data entry and reconciliation is needed.

Manual Cheques

Before SparcPay: Manual Cheque Signing

Key Benefits with SparcPay

SparcPay Approval

After SparcPay: Completely Digitized and Effortless

FAST & EFFICIENT: Approval in seconds, and over 90% reduction in overall time spent processing payables.

PAPERLESS & ON THE GO: Mobile, allowing you to approve from anywhere and on the go, and environmentally friendly.

REDUCE COSTS & FRICTIONLESS: Cheaper than cheques, e-transfers, and most electronic payment methods. See our pricing.

SparcPay's Features

Completely Paperless

SparcPay completely digitizes everything. This allows for easy search and filtering of all transactions and payments.

Automatic Reconciliation With Accounting Software

SparcPay automatically synchronizes to pull your bills, as well as post payment to your accounting software.

Mobile Friendly & Cloud Based

Use SparcPay on your phone, laptop, or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Secure Signature

Each approval is digitally and securely recorded, with available optional blockchain technology.

Full Audit Trail

A full audit trail of the transaction is provided for transparency purposes.

All Canadian Banks Supported

Payments to and from all major Canadian banks are supported.

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